How to book...

Booking in with me is so easy! it just takes 5 steps..

Step one

Have a good look around my website and make sure I’m the right photographer for you! is my relaxed, natural style what you’re after? If so then GREAT! head on over to my contact page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page (or I’ve added it to the bottom of this page for convenience also). Let me know your wedding date, give me as much info as possible and hit send! I always reply usually within hours so please check your junk folders, I will follow up with a quick text also to make sure you know I have replied.

Step two

Hopefully I am free on your date, this is when we can begin discussions and you can ask me any further questions you may have.. we can even arrange a zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime or old fashioned telephone call to chat further. We don’t have to chat of course, if you are happy with what you have seen and read we can press on!

Step three

Once we have talked or emailed and you are happy to book your wedding date with me I’ll ask for a few details and I can then add them into my online portal and set your wedding up!

Step four

Once your wedding is set up in my system, you will receive an email with a quote to accept outlining what coverage you have booked/price & payment dates. You will then have a contract to sign and once done, you will have an invoice presented with details on how to pay the £250 deposit to get booked in and secured in my diary.

Step five

Once the deposit has been paid, drop me an email to confirm (I can then check all is fine) you will receive a receipt and also a booking confirmation email with a welcome pdf and some initial notes and what happens from there.

That’s it! sit back and countdown to your wedding day! easy right? I’m always there throughout the process for any questions or if you fancy adding any extras (2nd photographer, pre-wedding shoot, longer coverage if booked a half day etc).


I can’t wait to chat with you!

I have put together a FAQs page which should answer most questions I usually get..check that out here