NATURAL & RELAXED Wedding Photography in Staffordshire, Shropshire, West Midlands - TRAVELLING TO WHEREVER YOUR BIG DAY TAKES ME!

It’s great that you’ve made it to this page & I’m guessing you’re here because you need a wedding photographer for your big day? Let’s get started!

I’ve been where you are today, planning a wedding, looking at loads of suppliers including many photographers, putting your trust in someone to capture your day perfectly! I get how important it is to get right! I’ve shot over 100 weddings now so you are in safe hands.

My style on a wedding day is super relaxed, its a simple ethos and exactly as it should be! I like to let things unfold as natural and organically as they can. Afterall, It’s your special day and I don’t want you to be away from your guests for any longer than needed! We have maybe 20 minutes for your group pictures and about 20/25 minutes or so for some epic natural and fun portraits of the two of you. That’s really it! For the rest of the day I will mingle and blend in amongst your guests, following the action as they explore the venue you have chosen, enjoying their drinks and catching up with old friends. I look out for unseen moments – laughter, glances, fun and character-filled shots, capturing your friends as you know them best! All of this helps tell a beautiful a story of your day.


Let’s break the day down…


•  Bride or Groom Preparations – generally starting 3 hours before the ceremony  – allowing time for me to get to the wedding venue or church if you are getting ready at home (you can add a 2nd photographer to cover both sides of the preparations if you wish

•  The wedding service (The really important legal bit)

•  Formal groups shots (your parents want them!)

•  Beautiful relaxed & fun portraits of you both! (That’s why I’m here after all)

•  Relaxed, creative, natural documentary styled images of you and your guests!

•  The Speeches (All the laughs and all the tears)

•  First dance and party time!


Of course this isn’t set in stone but it’s a nice guide to how the flow of a wedding day goes.

“He was the one we wanted for our wedding! Absolute legend! Just an overall a lovely guy!”



I’ve put together little FAQs page which answers most questions I receive. 


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